Everyone Can Sing. We Can Help!

Since 2011 Starling Voice Studio has taught hundreds of students how to find their unique voice and reach their full potential as singers.

Whether you are a serious amateur, semi-professional, or professional singer our scientifically informed approach to teaching vocal technique can help you. Our instructors have degrees in Vocal Pedagogy, the teaching of singing, which means they have a wide variety of tools and techniques they can share with our students to help each individual performer find an approach that works for them. If this is your first time taking voice lessons (or first time in a while!) we can help build your voice from top to bottom. For semi-professional and professional singers we can teach techniques for singing in a healthy and sustainable way that will help you navigate a busy audition season or sustain your voice across the run of a show.

In addition, we offer advice to those seeking careers in the classical and/or musical theater business. All of our instructors are also working performers (whose resumes include credits in New York and beyond) with contacts on the performing and casting side of the business around the country. Whether you are looking for general advice on building your book, or specific cuts for an upcoming audition - we can help you present your voice in the best possible way and increase your chance of booking your next performance.



Currently Accepting New Students

Starling Voice Studio has space for a limited number of new students in our Philadelphia and New York studios this fall. Contact Us today!