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Trying to audition and perform during allergy season?

And just like that it seems like everyone everywhere is sniffling, or fighting some sort of cough.When you are waiting to audition/about to perform — what do you do to combat any extra mucus that is hanging on for dear life? Here are some tips that we share in the studio: Get plenty of rest, …

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It’s Take Care Of Yourself Month!

It’s finally Fall! And with the change in temperature, sometimes can become change in health. Here are some general tips and thoughts that we share in the studio: Layer up! There is a reason you always see singers with scarfs around their necks, layers and warm clothing keep the body warm! (It’s also a nice …

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Annual Voice Foundation Symposium ’18

This past weekend, I went to my 4th (?) Annual Voice Foundation Symposium of which I am an active member. It’s been a year since I’ve graduated from NYU Steinhardt’s Advanced Certification in Vocal Pedagogy and I’ve noticed this year that the plethora of knowledge I was given during my two years at graduate school …