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Let’s get physical! ?‍♂️

How did your week go? Did you take that extra couple of minutes before you sang to stretch it out? If you were unsure of what to do, or want to switch it up – you’re in luck! My workout routine (especially now avoiding all gyms) alternates between running and yoga – with a lot of stretching in-between. 

Here are a few resources that I have found:

Under 5 minutes

Playlist of 5 Minute Yoga Practices from Yoga With Adriene  / Ragdoll: How-To Facebook Live 

Under 10 minutes

Full body stretch – this is a routine similar to what I do / Shoulder Stretch Routine with Dr. Jo

Over 15 minutes 

Full Body Stretch (with timer)  / Find Your Throat Chakra from Yoga With Adriene 

What videos do you love to move along with? Post them in the comments! 

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