50 ft. Ethernet Cable: Double check to see if you need any additional hardware to hook up to your computer & make sure you have enough length to attach directly to your internet box.


Philips Open Back Headphones: These aren’t noise cancelling, allowing you to hear yourself in the room clearly instead of a distorted version through your mic. 


Blue Yeti Mic: These run about $150, but you can usually find them refurbished and cheaper on Amazon. 

Neewer Ring Light: Feel beautiful no matter where you are! Also great for self-taping.

The Knobble Knob: Think of this as a massage extension. It helps to get deeper into any tight muscles, especially around the neck and back.

Foam Roller: This will help to roll out the body to get rid of any extra tension. 



Oovo Straw: A fashionable straw necklace or sing ring. If you look around on the website, you may see a familiar face! 


NeilMed Sinus Rinse Starter Kit: Easier than a Netipot, can be purchased at any major drug store.

Navage: Automatic nasal rinse.

TaoTronics Humidifiers 4L Cool Mist : I sleep with a large humidifier in my bedroom.


Helpful Websites & Apps


YouTube.com:  Everyone’s favorite website, but also a free way to find accompaniment tracks. Just make sure that you let the ad play first. 


MusicTheory.net: Check-in with your own music theory knowledge.

Appcompanist: A monthly subscription, but access to thousands of songs with the ability to change keys and adjust tempos. 


Sing InTuna: Sing along with this app (no accompaniment needed) to see if you can match pitch.


Sheet Music Scanner: Scan any piece of sheet music, play the accompaniment from anywhere, then export the audio.

buddhify: A colored wheel helps you decide which meditation to use and how long - or create your own.