Everyone Can Sing. We'll Teach You How!

Whether you feel like you've always belonged on the stage or you've only felt comfortable singing in the shower, we have worked with students like you before and know how to help you get the most out of your time with us - whatever your goals. Voice lessons are a great way to build your confidence, connect with your creative and emotional side, or just relax and have fun. As the American philosopher William James once wrote: "I don't sing because I'm happy, I'm happy because I sing."


More Than A Studio, We're A Community

Starling Voice Studio is more than just a place to come and sing for forty-five minutes each week (though if that's all you need, we're happy to have you)! For those who want more we offer unique opportunities that go beyond what you would get from a private voice teachers. In addition to our optional graduation cabarets each season, Starling Voice Studio has a network of current and former students, group classes, studio get togethers and field trips, and more!

Private Lessons

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Whether you want to learn to sing and have no previous experience, are looking to return to singing, or are already an accomplished performer private voice lessons will help you develop, expand, and healthily maintain your singing voice.

For anyone with short- or long-term goals for their singing, private lessons provide faster progress (compared with group lessons). Students can take one-time lessons as needed, or sign up for multiple lessons at discounted rates and additional benefits. They also offer a personally tailored program of warm-ups, exercises, techniques, and song selections

Career Consultations

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For singers pursuing performance as professionals (or serious amateurs) we offer one-on-one consultations that cover the business of show business in more depth than a private voice lesson can offer.

Before every consultation we'll send you questions to consider. At our meeting we'll discuss your answers, and talk about how they may differ from what people in the business will picture you doing. At the conclusion of our chat you'll have advice that is honest, direct, and actionable. Afterwards, we'll send a helpful summary of our chat and professional development recommendations you can review.

Group Classes

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For serious amateur and professional musical theater performers, our group classes work on the additional acting skills that are required to successfully audition and land roles after you have learned solid vocal technique.


In a typical 8-week class we will workshop the dramatic circumstances of songs from your repertoire to make your performance come alive and have deeper resonance with an audience. Classes also include a visit by a guest from the industry who can offer additional insight and a fresh perspective on your singing. In addition we also offer one-day workshops and weekend master classes for our most advanced singers.

Currently Accepting New Students

Starling Voice Studio has space for a limited number of new students at this time. Contact Us today!