Starling Voice Studio Studio Policies

Your Lesson 

To get the most out of your lesson time, please bring a recording device to record your lesson so you can refer back to it until our next meeting. Recording apps on your phone work well - just make sure that your phone is in “airplane mode” so a call, etc. will not disrupt your recording. ***Please Note: Any recordings are for your private use only - they are specifically meant to enhance your learning. Do not share recordings without consulting your teacher first.

‎If you are cast in a show, have an upcoming audition, etc., please inform the teacher as soon as you are able. We will work through any new repertoire continuing to maintain and explore your vocal development.


Our time spent together is only 45 minutes per week, sometimes even less, to instill the new exciting discoveries we are making within the lesson, it is up to you to go home and explore and play with your instrument. This is how you will learn and instill new and exciting habits! 

Music Purchases/Accompaniment

For any music that the student buys to work on during their lesson time, a PDF copy will be emailed to the teacher prior to their meeting. I am not an accompanist, but I do play some piano. If you have an audition and would like a real accompanist to come to your lesson, please contact me for a list with recommendations. A tool I sometimes use in my studio is called Appcompanist, it can be found here


Starling Voice Studio accepts payment in cash (exact change), check (payable to: Julia Kershetsky), credit/debit card, via the PayPal invoice, or Venmo (username: @julia-kershetsky). Payment will be due at the beginning of the lesson. If scheduling a drop-in lesson, a $25 deposit is required to reserve your lesson time. The remaining balance of $50 is due at the beginning of each lesson. Payment for any discounted package is due in full on the date indicated on the invoice sent.

Cancellation/Makeup/Tardiness Policy

There are many moving pieces for the voice teacher including time, travel, and rental of lesson space. I devote a specific amount of time each week to teach each student. If you are unable to make a lesson, you must provide 24 hours notice of any cancellation via email or a phone call (you can leave a message). If a student provides less than 24 hours notice for a cancellation, the student will be charged for the lesson. The teacher must be compensated for this missed lesson before further lessons can be scheduled. If a student provides more than 24 hours notice, the lesson will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time. If you are ill and unsure whether or not to attend the lesson, please contact the teacher as soon as possible so we can mutually decide what is best. 

There are times when I may need to miss or reschedule the lesson due to my own performance, audition, rehearsal schedule, classes, or illness. These lessons will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time in the future.

In regards to tardiness, if you are running late, please send a text message to notify me (267-499-4487). Additional time cannot be added onto your lesson time due to scheduling constraints and studio rental costs. If I have not heard from you within the first fifteen minutes of your lesson, it will be cancelled.

Updated: February 3, 2020