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Client Spotlight: Rae Allison

Rae and I have only been working together for a short time – but her presence in the studio is a delight. Her curiosity and background (currently training to be a doctor) helps us to approach her singing with a scientific focus. We’ve been working on opening up her gorgeous voice into a solid belt!

Tell me about yourself.

Hello! I like to go by Rae. I’m a San Francisco, California native that moved out to Philadelphia for my Masters graduate program and research at Drexel University (I just graduated from!). I am currently pursuing a career in medicine as a future physician. As a Filipino-American, singing karaoke at home or out is a huge part of how my family and loved ones enjoy spending time together. I also grew up singing in my community church choir group up until high school. When I’m not studying throughout the day, I usually go for a run or hang out in my hammock to read a book at Schuylkill Banks. I am currently reading The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab. Otherwise, I like to learn a few songs on my guitar or ukelele when the mood strikes! 

What do you love about your voice?

I love that my voice has a duality. My middle voice can be resonating and full. While my head voice becomes more sweet, and can take on a breathy, soft quality. 

How has Starling Voice Studio helped you?

Julia has been so helpful in allowing me to rediscover my capabilities and potential in vocal control. Her energy makes our lessons engaging and easy to be comfortable in her presence as a teacher. I appreciate how intentional Julia is, and how she really tries to utilize any resources that are uniquely helpful to me as her student! 

What’s your vocal goal this year?

Technically speaking, I would love to be able to gain more control over my voice so that I can either comfortably belt, riff and/or hit vocal fry. Building my confidence as a singer in these aspects would allow me to become more comfortable singing solo in front of an audience. If there’s one song I would love to sing, it would be “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).”

What advice would you give to someone who is starting voice lessons for the first time? 

Find a vocal teacher that is determined to help you find/strengthen your own distinctive voice, and have fun with it!