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Stay in Vocal Shape!

As another winter month begins, we at Starling Voice Studio wanted to introduce posts specifically dedicated to vocal health – aimed towards anyone who uses their voice daily.

Thank you to the National Center for Voice and Speech –

How to Stay in Vocal Shape: keeping healthy and avoiding injury

  • Warm Up/Cool Down: Start and finish your day with 15 minutes of straw singing
  • Listen: Is it hurting? Are you pushing? Do you need to take a break?
  • Rest: Vocal fold tissue cannot start healing until you stop speaking and singing
  • Hydrate: When your whole body is hydrated the vocal folds function at their best.
  • Filter: If your nose is blocked up your throat will suffer. Avoid dusty spaces, take care of allergies and use a Neti Pot.
  • Check Meds: The medications you’re taking may be affecting your voice, visit to find out.
  • Acid Reflux?: Acid reflux can make the vocal folds brittle and stiff. Talk to your doctor about strategies to manage it.
  • Get Scoped: Visit an ENT to get a visual of your vocal folds. Even when you’re healthy, this information can aid in your vocal care.  

Tips here in PDF form: Stay In Vocal Shape