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We can’t do it all and that’s okay!

Happy Fall, everyone! In the last two weeks, the weather feels like it took a sharp turn into autumn-town. Not that I’m complaining–this is my time to thrive! It’s scarf weather! Anyway – this is your friendly reminder that you cannot do it all. No really, you can’t, and that’s okay. This past summer, my …

Yes, that is actually my handiwork.
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Revisiting an old skill during quarantine?

Happy 600th Day of Quarantine! Like all of you – I am trying to find interesting ways to keep myself busy. One way has been focusing on old hobbies and/or skills to pass the time. I’ve taken up a consistent yoga practice (shout out Yoga with Adriene) and cross-stitching like my Nana taught me when …

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Career Strategies for the Musical Theatre Performer

With Michael Mastro and Frank Schiro Broadway veteran Michael Mastro and coach to Broadway stars Frank Schiro share valuable insights from a combined 50+ years in show business focused on not only “doing the work” but getting noticed, considered, and hired. This is a rare chance to receive feedback from two individuals for a fraction …