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A dash of gratitude…

It has been two weeks since the last blog post — I was lucky enough last week to get out of Center City Philadelphia to go hiking and soak in the outdoors. Tensions have been high everywhere and with COVID cases rising at the moment, there is continued uncertainty in the air. As an empath, I am constantly feeling all of things and I’m sure you are too. 

I’ve recently started to journal for 5 minutes a day – I start my day off writing three things I am grateful for, what could happen that would make my day amazing, and a daily affirmation. At night, I write down what amazing things happened during that day. One of my favorite quotes to say during a lesson is, “Start with the positive first…” and I feel like this exercise is helping to start my day off on a positive note. 

Gettysburg, PA

I am grateful for my amazing clients who are finding their own lightbulb moments.

I am grateful that I own and run my own small business. 

I am grateful for my inner circle of family, friends, and mentors who are always there beside me, cheering me on. 


What are you grateful for?