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Acid Reflux? Never Heard Of Her

Baby Julia in 2007 at WDW.

As of January 1, 2024, I am no longer taking medication to control my acid reflux. This doesn’t sound like a big deal to most, but it is to me. About twenty years ago when I randomly lost my voice in high school, I was diagnosed with vocal paresis and acid reflux by a laryngologist (full recap of my vocal journey here). Because I was in high school and it was an urgent matter, there was never any discussion of a second opinion, or visiting an endocrinologist to get a true diagnosis. At the time, I was drinking a glass of orange juice every morning and eating pizza – because… high school. Instead of changing my diet, or going elsewhere I started to take three pills a day (30 minutes before breakfast and dinner, and one before bedtime) and avoided any acid-inducing foods (citrus and tomato-sauces).

Years later I decided to start my journey to not take three pills a day. With that same laryngologist, I started to taper back, but she advised against it and I was back on my full regimen.

Last Spring, I finally met with an endocrine specialist, had an endoscopy, and it turns out I don’t have acid reflux! Since then I have been tapering which brings us to today. My body does have some slight symptoms after every taper for a few weeks, but that is only because it has been so long.

Julia in 2023 in Gaston’s Tavern WDW

Acid reflux in singers definitely can be an issue due to our deep-breathing, etc.– but I would recommend changing your lifestyle,or getting a second opinion before adding any type of prescription if you can. (Now if I could just quit drinking coffee I would be in great shape).