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All the vocal colors in the crayon box

With National Crayon Day almost here, a treasure trove of colors immediately comes to mind. When you think about your voice, do you think the same thing? I’m here to tell you that you should! 

Individually, we are each a genetic miracle and mystery. Our physical makeup is unique, this includes your vocal folds. 

Many times a client will come to me and say that they want to sound just like X singing X. For example, Mary wants to sound exactly like Idina Menzel while singing “Defying Gravity.” Because Mary is not physically Idina Menzel she won’t be able to sound exactly like her BUT we can focus on Idina’s vocal colors and find those in Mary’s voice. Listening to Idina, the sound itself is forward, slightly nasal, opening up to a warmer, tall quality as she ascends the scale into her upper belt range. In Mary’s voice, we find a sharp, forward ‘yellow’ energy, which warms into a ‘burnt orange’ into her higher belt for the well-known ending. We are honoring Mary’s want to sound like the original recording, but we are finding what works in her individual voice. 

What colors would you use to describe your voice? 


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