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DISCOVER: Classical Women Composers

Shout out to lady composers! I remember only really working on one female composed piece in undergrad by Clara Schumann. This was one of the MANY songs learned during my four years. Um… what? Even since I started teaching in 2011, my go-tos have always been songs written by male composers because that’s who I …

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DISCOVER: Out with the old, in with the new!

I love this time of the year, the temperature is absolutely perfect and it’s the beginning of a brand new school year. It’s a time to discover and try new things, which means… Starling Voice Studio is now offering more ways to study – check them out on the new website!  Two weeks ago, I started …

Yes, that is actually my handiwork.
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Revisiting an old skill during quarantine?

Happy 600th Day of Quarantine! Like all of you – I am trying to find interesting ways to keep myself busy. One way has been focusing on old hobbies and/or skills to pass the time. I’ve taken up a consistent yoga practice (shout out Yoga with Adriene) and cross-stitching like my Nana taught me when …