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Don’t Work Too Hard!

For the past year, two phrases I am constantly saying to clients is “stop working so hard” or “work ten percent less.” Many times through a new technique or discovery our body can feel the need to overcompensate in order to find success. There can be an element of “pushing” to create the desired outcome.

My entire approach to teaching is based on allowing the body to do the work with you. For example, allowing a deep, expansive breath to be the reason your vocal phrase happens easily. Many times the body needs to feel itself overworking in order to find the happy balance and step back to find the ease.

This inspired me to take a step away from teaching and look at my own day to day – where am I “working too hard?” One good thing that has come out of quarantine is the realization that I was working way too hard during my daily life. In my day to day, I wasn’t taking the time to fully warm up before a full day of teaching – that led to vocal fatigue during rehearsals at the end of the day. Now I am taking the time warm-up AND practice music.

During the next week, whether it be practicing or just going through your daily schedule, ask yourself “where am I working too hard?”

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