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It’s Time To Embrace Pop/Rock Songs in Your Audition Books

I work with many wonderful humans – BFA majors, minors, serious hobbyists, etc. One thing they all have in common is how hard it is to find a popular, or rock song. Because there is so much repertoire to choose from, I think clients often get overwhelmed.

As a performer myself, I also find it challenging to find that perfect song – usually it’s for a genre that I have limited experience listening to. For audition calls, casting directors are wanting a variety of popular music cuts that show off your vocals in that style. 

Here are a couple of ways to start the search:

  • Think about what your go-to karaoke or shower song is. Why do you like it? Branch out from the artist, or genre with that starting point.
  • Look up already curated lists from Spotify, or YouTube. They’ve already done all the work for you. Let them play and note which songs stand out to you.
  • Reach out to your network of friends about artists, or songs they believe you would absolutely crush.
  • Think about musical theater dream roles that you would like to perform. Example: Jenna in Waitress. Listen to a playlist starting with Ingrid Michaelson, or Regina Spektor and go from there.
  • Note that not every popular genre song you sing has to be the highest and loudest you can go. Focus on your voice and your strengths.

Reminder that your audition book/songs you are working on will always change. Singing this type of music is fun!