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Do You Know What Your Vocal Folds Look Like?

With the start of December and the sudden drop in temperature I wanted to have a month of blog posts dedicated to Vocal Health!

With every new student, I stress the idea of vocal health in regards to the two tiny folds that are special to each individual human being. As someone who has a vocal pathology – many people do – it’s important to have someone look at your vocal folds. Even if there is nothing wrong and everything feels great! This way if something were to happen there will be a record of your vocal folds at their best, which can lead to a quicker solution. As professional voice users (not just singers, this includes actors, teachers, sales, etc.) our vocal folds get used more, therefore we need to be looking out for them as best we can.

This past year while at New York University, I was lucky enough to work closely and observe the NYU Voice Clinic at NYU Langone Center. We actually spoke about this idea that USC Thorton School of Music is doing – working with the voice care team at the Keck School of Medicine USC – sending the voice major students to have a look at their vocal folds. Read more about their program in this article.