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Long-term Music Lesson Benefits!

When I was young, my parents enrolled me in piano lessons, I quit when I was in 4th grade due to my lack of enthusiasm (my parents made me do it to – it was a very grown up moment.) At age 12, I began voice lessons, which I fell in love with and well, here were are today. At age 17, I went back to my piano teacher, after realizing in high school that I would be applying for a music degree. Obviously, if I would have stuck with it, I would currently be a piano virtuoso. 

While reading the times earlier this month, I came across this article – It explains a study that was done with “44 healthy adults ages 55 to 76, measuring electrical activity in a region of the brain that processes sound.” “They found that participants who had four to 14 years of musical training had faster responses to speech sounds than participants without any training — even though no one in the first group had played an instrument for about 40 years.”

How cool is that?! Nice to know as I age my (fairly) constant music lessons as a child will help me out in the future too!