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Real talk – I am married to a performer.

As most of you know I recently wed my husband this past summer. He is the founder and executive director of The Philly Improv Theater or PHIT, located in Philadelphia. We first met in an improv class and bonded over our love of opera and comedy among other things. I’ve been lucky to meet someone that understands the stress, unpredictability, and constant change in scheduling as a performer – that we both share. We also are technically in two different fields of this beautiful thing we call performing, which is nice break for each of us. Through him, I have been exposed to many new comedians, shows, improv theaters, groups, etc. And through me, he has seen several musicals many times.

The toughest thing for us is to find time together to just hang out. As I sit here writing this, we have big plans tonight to go do our laundry after dinner and make this upcoming week’s meal plan. But we actually love doing these domestic tasks because we get to see each other.

Here’s an article about Caissie Levy (Elsa from Frozen – have you heard of this musical?) and her husband, composer David Reiser. Although this article also talks about raising a small child (not quite yet), it’s nice to see another perspective on two people together “in the business.”