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The little things

This time last year I was finishing up my semester at CAP21 in New York, several weeks into Christmas By Candlelight performances, preparing for a one-night-only Christmas Cabaret, and scrambling to get all of my holiday shopping done. Due to show rehearsals, I had been listening to Christmas music since August. 

This year, all my shopping is done and already in the mail on its way to various homes. My CAP semester officially ended last week all taught from the comfort of my own home. Even though there is no live show keeping me busy, my friends and I are still doing our Cabaret virtually, releasing new and old videos throughout this month.


Even though I’m not one hundred percent into the Christmas spirit yet – I’ve been able to enjoy the little things: wandering around to look at decorations, singing along with songs not worrying about how I sound (WHAT?! I know!), dance parties, creating and making most of my gifts this year, decorating our home, and sending out even more cards! 

My practicing has changed a bit too – with a full teaching load, I’d vocalise and stretch first thing every morning. Now I find myself singing throughout the day and doing most of my practicing in the evenings. 

Everything continues to be different from the way it was at the start of the year and that’s okay. Do what works best for you and make sure you take the time to appreciate the little things!