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Wait… it’s already Fall?

We’re in the special time of the year where it’s the perfect Fall temperature of around 60 degrees in the morning and evening, but still in the 80’s in the middle of the day. As living instruments, what do we do to take care of ourselves?

  • Layers, lots and lots of layers. Jackets and scarves that can easily be taken off during the day when the sun decides to shine.
  • Take your vitamins. Watch what you are eating, make sure you that you eat foods packed with nutrients. Due to the change in weather, you will notice many people around you coughing and sneezing… it’s time to boost that immune system.
  • Drink tons of water. With colder temperatures the air tends to be drier. Carry a water bottle around with you and drink as much as you can. If you’re anything like me, I live off of coffee, therefore I have to drink extra water to counteract the drying effect (but eye-opening) of caffeine.
  • Daily nasal rinse. Honestly, this has changed my life. Every morning post shower I nasal rinse to clean everything out. It gets out any extra blockage just blowing my nose had missed. It always adds an extra nasal resonance awareness -- added bonus!

This are just things that I find myself doing. What are different ways you combat the changing of seasons?