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Be generous, to yourself too

We did it! We’ve all survived the first month of 2021 – it is technically Groundhog Day today, also my mother’s birthday! One could argue that we are all Bill Murray and have woken up to the same thing every day since March 2020.

With the major holidays (Thanksgiving – New Year’s) there always seems to be an extra spirit of giving, swirling through the air. Many people give a little of themselves in any way that they can – whether it be through donations, their time, etc., this feels great and that generosity carries on, through the year until the next one. 

But here’s a question: when was the last time you were generous to yourself?

This doesn’t have to be an extravagant gift, it could be as simple as a minute meditation you did in the middle of your workday, or a long walk for the fun of it. This morning I went sledding in this beautiful Philadelphia snow storm! 

Take time this week to learn a new song you’ve been listening to, carve time out to practice each day, sing a song you love, etc.

What gift are you going to give yourself this week?