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Cool-down Mode

Quick question – do you cool your voice down at the end of each day? What does that even mean? I honestly didn’t until recently when I felt vocally fatigued at the end of the day and wanted to make sure that everything reset when I was asleep.

First up – what exactly is a “cool down”? Compare it to stretching after a workout, your vocal folds “worked out” hard all day for you, producing sound — this is the stretch.

How to: As with singing, there is not one singular correct way to cool down – it’s up to the individual. Keep the vocal lines descending and easy. This shouldn’t be a time to try new vocal acrobatics. I typically do some five note descending SOVTPs (Lip trill, raspberry, straw, etc.) and a hum moving from my secondo passaggio down past the primo passaggio. Add in some vocal fry, allow those folds to reset.

Personally, I also enjoy using a little bit of steam and maybe some hot herbal tea, especially during the cold winter months. Add this into your nightly routine, along with brushing your teeth.

Happy singing!