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Sick, should I still sing?

With the constant change in temperature, the human body is bound to be susceptible to whatever cold is floating around.

Ideally, you want take steps to prevent even catching something.

  • Take daily vitamins, making sure you take Vitamin C and Super B Complex.

  • Get plenty of sleep and then some! Make sure your body has enough time to recharge each night.

  • Continue to exercise regularly!

  • Bundle up in the cold.

  • Wash hands frequently and drain out your sinuses frequently either with Nasal Rinse or Netipot.

If you do catch something and symptoms last for more than 3 days go see a doctor.

  • Gargle with warm salt water.

  • Try to prevent any congestion from draining into the throat by rinsing out sinuses as well. Goal is to prevent a cough. If you feel yourself about to cough, try a vocal fry instead to clear excess mucus in the throat.

My tried and true to not sing is if it hurts to swallow. If you feel like you have to push anything to make a sound – take the day off. Remember, you only get one pair of vocal folds, be good to them!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with your symptoms if you are unsure.

Happy singing!