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In-Person versus Online Voice Lessons

As we continue to head into the unknown each day, I wanted to discuss the differences between private voice lessons taught in-person and online. 

In-Person – Pros:

  • Clients and teacher are physically in the same room, creating extra energy and excitement.
  • Clients are able to sing along with the piano in real time and can sing as loudly as they want. 

In-Person – Cons:

  • Client has to travel to join the lesson.
  • *At the moment, wearing masks and fear of COVID.

Online – Pros:

  • No commute, taught in the privacy of your own home. 
  • No need to wear masks.
  • A major helper with ear-training due to the sound delay — call and response versions of vocalises.

Online – Cons

  • Clients may be nervous to sing loudly within their home.
  • There is a call and response delay, which takes some getting used to. 
  • Clients must have the accompaniment track ready to play on their end and a strong internet connection.

As you can see, there are obvious pros and cons to both, but I have been teaching remotely for the past year and a half and believe that these two different voice lesson types can be interchangeable. 

What are the major differences you have noticed? 

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