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One year later…

Well, here we are, the one year anniversary of the shut-down. Similar to everyone, my entire way of life has completely been turned upside down, but it hasn’t been all bad. In many ways I’ve been happy about the impact this ‘pause’ button has had on my life. I’ve been able to grow in many ways, learn a lot, fail a lot, and keep going. Everyday the most important job I have is to stay healthy. 

Jon Flobrant from Unsplash

I share with you a random list of bright spots that I have found during this time. 

  • Three soprano friends embarking on an Artist’s Way journey that has now led to a standing Monday morning coffee date.
  • New penpals & ample time to send out holiday cards. 
  • A family of multiplying plant “children” that I am convinced thrive because of my singing. 
  • Cross-stitching is a calming hobby that creates fun gifts. 
  • Waking up with the birds isn’t as horrible as it sounds.
  • Hiking outdoors is slowly curing me of my fear of heights.
  • I am continuing to vocally grow and discover new aspects of my voice. 
  • With my studio online, I am flexible, creating new content, and able to reach more humans. 
  • Setting in stone two days off a week and actually sticking to them is a treasure.
  • Running, HITT classes, and yoga are a few of my favorite things. 
  • Living and working in the same space as my husband 24/7 is a gift and we are enjoying it while it lasts. 
  • While I miss acting and performing with a live audience terribly, my career doesn’t define me. In my opinion, a large part of acting is drawing from past experiences, in the past year, I have been blessed with time. 

What bright spots have you found this past year?

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