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Talkback Tuesday with Sarah Klocke!

And we are back — enjoy this interview with student Sarah Klocke who is currently understudying at Walnut Street Theatre with Legally Blonde!

Tell me about yourself.

 I grew up in Delaware where I started dancing at the age of 3. I recently graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in dance. Since then, I have been auditioning for anything and everything.

Tell me about what you’re working on now and what’s next! 

I am currently understudying two ensemble tracks in Legally Blonde at the Walnut Street Theatre until the end of July. It’s an amazing show. As an understudy I can see it any time, and every time I go I pick up new details. The cast is so talented! It’s been a great opportunity to watch artists grow in their roles over the course of a long run.

How is this character like you? Different?

As an understudy to two of the ensemble roles, I play a wide variety of characters throughout the the show. It’s been fun trying to keep up with all the costume changes!

What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

Dancing and singing at the same time. The choreography in this show is no joke! It feels like you’ve been running on a treadmill for ten miles while trying to sustain some semblance of vocal function. It truly takes all of my brain power and breath support to not sound like a dying animal at the end of a heavy dance number.

Without giving anything away, what’s your favorite line of dialogue?

“Even a person who’s smart can listen to their heart.”

If you could play any other character in this show, who would it be?

I think I’d have to go with Professor Callahan. I’d really just love to sing Blood in the Water!

What kind of roles do you prefer?

Dance is my first love, so I enjoy doing shows where dance is an avenue that really gets explored in discovering the story of the show.

When was your first role as a performer?

My first role as a musical theatre performer was Purity, one of the angels, in Anything Goes.

What do you love about your voice?

I love that my voice has the potential to add another layer of storytelling into a show! I’ve been solely focused on dance for so long; I appreciate the ways my voice allows me to explore other avenues of performing!

How has Starling Voice Studio helped you?

I have always considered myself to be just a dancer. Singing wasn’t something I previously enjoyed doing. With the help of Starling, I feel like I have the technique (and confidence) to say that I am a dancer who sings.

What’s your vocal goal this year?

I would love to be able to let go of any and all insecurities I have when it comes to sounding “good”. I think once I am able to let go of what I think I should sound like in a certain song, I’ll be able to discover more of the performance side of singing.