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We can’t do it all and that’s okay!

Happy Fall, everyone! In the last two weeks, the weather feels like it took a sharp turn into autumn-town. Not that I’m complaining–this is my time to thrive! It’s scarf weather!

Anyway – this is your friendly reminder that you cannot do it all. No really, you can’t, and that’s okay.

This past summer, my husband and I finally went on our honeymoon (we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary in June, it’s never too late). I was able to take some time completely away from my many day jobs, which felt like a full reset after a tough couple of years.

Now as I am deep into the throws of my many jobs that I love to do – voice teacher, professor, actor, and music director – I find that my approach to balancing everything has changed. At the end of the day, even with a unfinished checklist, I remind myself that I can continue tomorrow refreshed and not continue to work through the night. Things may come and go daily,  and I keep pressing on.

If you are working on a new vocal skill, or song and happen to get frustrated or downtrodden because it isn’t clicking right away – walk away and try it again later. Humans are not machines. If your schedule shifted and you are having trouble practicing — try practicing in short bursts instead.

What are you going to change about your practicing this week?