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Running a marathon = voice training?

For the past four months, I have been consistently training to run my first marathon. I’ve mapped out my runs each week, a long run on the weekends and two others that are half of the long run. This isn’t an official marathon or anything, it’s more of a “can I do it?” energy. More information about why and the organizations I’m raising money for can be found here.

During this time, I realized how much the training was similar to setting and following through on singing goals. My “it’s go time” date is June 13. Since March, I’ve planned out my runs in advance. If I had to be completely off-book or be ready for a performance on June 13 – I would backtrack and set weekly goals for myself: learn pages 1-15, learn songs on vowels with breathing, learn songs with text, memorize songs, full run-through of songs, etc. 

Also, it’s all about endurance. You need to build up the body and muscle stamina in order to be successful. In addition to constant cardio, I’ve been adding in a light weight routine, daily yoga, and occasional HIIT classes. With singing, I would continue to sing other repertoire and styles to flex my voice, not allowing myself to feel stuck in any specific one style. I also lightly sing when I run (usually before I hit the 15 mile mark), it really helps with my physical stamina for long shows where I don’t get a chance to sit down or relax for long periods of time. 

This week, try and sing immediately after you move your body. Do you notice anything different? Do you feel more physical awareness or more grounding through your feet?