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Yes, that is actually my handiwork.
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Revisiting an old skill during quarantine?

Happy 600th Day of Quarantine! Like all of you – I am trying to find interesting ways to keep myself busy. One way has been focusing on old hobbies and/or skills to pass the time. I’ve taken up a consistent yoga practice (shout out Yoga with Adriene) and cross-stitching like my Nana taught me when …

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Happy Summer Workshop Offerings!

Hi there! I hope you have big plans for the holiday weekend – my husband and I are basically watching Hamilton on repeat the entire time and CANNOT WAIT FOR IT!

I wanted to tell you about online summer course offerings that are starting next week – Voice Lesson Bootcamp is a 4 week first voice lesson crash course. No singing experience necessary — this was created from many first lessons that I have taught over the years. This is for those of you who have always wanted to try a first voice lesson, get back into singing after a break period, etc. Whatever it is, quarantine is the best time to learn a brand new skill!

Monthly Masterclass is offered in a single workshop format both in July & August. Sign up for a slot to be privately coached on whatever you need at that time – stick around to watch and learn from other clients who are working on similar things to you, allowing us all to learn from one another.

Announcing… Cabaret For All! This is open to everyone outside of the Starling community. When you sign up, you will get a brief coaching with me beforehand (nail that high note) then a live streamed concert with access to the video afterwards.

Happy Fourth and I look forward to hearing from soon!

Click here to find out more about Voice Lesson Bootcamp.

Click here to find out more about the Cabaret For All / Monthly Workshops.

Click here to schedule a Private Voice Lesson.

Still unsure? Click here to schedule a 15 minute check-in.

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It’s Take Care Of Yourself Month!

It’s finally Fall! And with the change in temperature, sometimes can become change in health. Here are some general tips and thoughts that we share in the studio: Layer up! There is a reason you always see singers with scarfs around their necks, layers and warm clothing keep the body warm! (It’s also a nice …