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Revisiting an old skill during quarantine?

Happy 600th Day of Quarantine!

Like all of you – I am trying to find interesting ways to keep myself busy. One way has been focusing on old hobbies and/or skills to pass the time.

I’ve taken up a consistent yoga practice (shout out Yoga with Adriene) and cross-stitching like my Nana taught me when I was teeny-tiny — which turns out is actually extremely satisfying, but you have to have the patience of a saint.

In terms of vocal goals I am learning a brand new aria! Many of you may not know that my first degree is in classical voice and it has been about 4 years since I’ve had to learn an aria. It’s been interesting to flex that muscle and to basically start from scratch. I’m finding it’s actually a lot like cross-stitching — everything needs to feel narrow and connected, and you have to take the time to keep the string smooth as you move in and out of the holes (or note patterns). 

I encourage you to try singing a style you maybe haven’t touched in awhile – if you have been singing nothing but high contemporary belt repertoire, see how the legitimate the voice is doing, or try a low, old-school Ethel Merman belt. If you’ve only been singing soprano repertoire, try to branch out and sing some rock/pop rep. – you may find it’s easier than you think!

What fun skills and hobbies have you been working on or rediscovering during quarantine so far? Write in the comments below! 

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