Advice For Fun Vocal Health

It’s Take Care Of Yourself Month!

It’s finally Fall! And with the change in temperature, sometimes can become change in health.

Here are some general tips and thoughts that we share in the studio:

  • Layer up! There is a reason you always see singers with scarfs around their necks, layers and warm clothing keep the body warm! (It’s also a nice block from people who may be coughing around you).
  • Get a flu shot and take daily vitamins.
  • Stay-hydrated and get plenty of sleep (at least 7 hours).
  • ‘Tis allergy season. Make sure you are nasal rinsing any blockage every day and gargling warm salt water if you have any lingering phlegm.

Have a show or an audition is this weather? Check in with tomorrow’s blog post to keep you at your best when performing in colder climates.

What are tips, or tricks that YOU do to combat any cold that is going around? Share in the comments below!