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I’m a cool (dog) mom! 

Getting out of the city for fresh air! 

My parents needed a dog sitter for a week so my husband and I jumped at the chance to leave Center City Philadelphia for the ‘burbs. Like most of you, we’ve been sitting in our home for over 4 months now, craving panic-free outdoors. In the city, every time I go outside for a walk, it’s like a game of Frogger. I am constantly dodging non-social distancing crazies on tiny, original sidewalks.

My new & temporary children

Mom and Dad have two sweet baby boys, Charlie, a wire-terrier mix, who knows exactly what he Charliewants at all times, and Max, a hound/beagle mix who is scared of a much smaller dog. It’s a big transition from 4 months of constantly focusing on my schedule as well as my health and the health of loved ones. My days are now centered around the wishes and whims of two very snuggly and sweet pups. I find myself sleeping extremely well and getting up earlier than usual just so I can cuddle on the couch with a giant dog on top of me. 



It’s a strange time, embrace it! 

For those of you who know me well, I am never not busy. Even when I have a break, I’m always working or focusing on my next project. This entire week, I’ve no desire to do any work and I keep wondering what is wrong with me? But I’ve discovered to just listen to my body — it is telling me to relax, sleep, watch cable, and eat when and what you want. In that same vein, I am singing when I feel like it, and am trying not to be too hard on myself when I don’t. 

Take this time to rest, reflect, and listen to your body. It’s on this crazy journey with you – if you feel tight or tired, block out time to stretch or take a nap. 

And, if you are able to, pet a sweet pupper, it’s an instant stress relief. 

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