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Happy World Voice Day!

“World Voice Day was established as a special day of awareness, recognition, and celebration of the human voice. Commemorated each year on April 16th, World Voice Day owes its roots to a group of Brazilian voice care professionals who decided to celebrate the voice in 1999 by establishing Brazilian Voice Day.
Since that time, this day has grown to become a global day of recognition, as members of the Academy’s Speech, Voice, and Swallowing Disorders Committee communicated with colleagues from Brazil and Europe to establish the global World Voice Day we celebrate today.
World Voice Day serves as an education campaign to inform the public of the importance of the human voice and the need for preventative care.” Cited from The Voice Foundation.

Obviously, we at Starling Voice Studio are big fans of the human voice – there are so many expressive colors that can be created with those tiny vocal folds.

Create some fun sounds today, because you can!