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Head, shoulders, knees, and toes!

Repeat after me – “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, knees and toes!” You are likely screaming the words by now and doing the motions – proud of you for remembering the choreography!! 

When asked about what part of the body controls the voice, many automatically point to the throat or the mouth. But what if I told you the voice is a full-bodied instrument? Yes, the throat and mouth shape are where we can spend most of our time focusing on technique.. But what about your posture, stance, seated position, lung expansion, shoulder placement? The list goes on and on! 

Before your next practice session or voice lesson, take the time to stretch out your body, as if you are about to go workout, or go for a long run. Then sing. Notice any differences? Your body probably feels more grounded and stretched out in general. 

Want a full-body stretch in under 2 minutes? Tune into the Facebook page next week for a Facebook live showing you how to do a stretch called a Ragdoll! 

Next week’s blog will feature favorite stretching videos that I like to do and pass along to my clients. 

What stretches do you love doing everyday? 

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